Alex & Emma: Ending 2018 with a Proposal

4th January, 2019

         It was a Thursday around lunch time and I got a text from Alex asking if I would be available to take photos at UD and he ended it with "Also, keep this on the DL."  Within seconds I responded in all caps with, "IS THIS WHAT I THINK IT IS?" As we continued the conversation I just kept getting more and more excited for what was going to happen. Alex was going to propose to Emma, his girlfriend of 7 years. These two met at the University of Dayton and now have become the next Flyers to Fiances.

         On the day of the proposal they had the whole campus to themselves. Students were on winter break making it an even more special proposal as the silence allowed for them to have their moment. Alex drove Emma around campus to relive their college days and remissness on where it all started. He ended the drive by parking at the chapel where they got out to test and see if the 'echo spot' still worked.  In front of the chapel is a circle and if you stand in the center of it and talk, your voice will echo back to you. As they went to try it out, Alex reached for Emma's hands and began to tell her what the last seven years have meant for him. Within seconds later, Emma caught on to what was going on. After a drop of the jaw and some happy tears, Alex popped the question. Emma immediately said "Yes!" 

          Many happy tears were shed, kisses given and a big "AHHHH! OMG!" from me. I was extremely excited and honored to capture a special moment that begins their next journey! The love between these two truly showed. Congratulations, Alex and Emma, on being the next Flyers to Fiances! 


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